The ApSIC Xbench Connector for Memsource allows you to quickly run Quality Assurance (QA) tasks in ApSIC Xbench on your projects in the Memsource translation platform on the cloud. For projects with several workflow steps, it also allows you to obtain a comparison report listing changes to segments a la tracked changes, which is useful to audit or to document modifications done to translations by reviewers.

To run all features the connector you need:

The connector allows you to browse the projects that you are authorized to see on Memsource and instantly run a QA pass on ApSIC Xbench with all relevant files for the given project and target language. If your Memsource project has several workflow steps, you can also choose the workflow step for the QA pass.

Xbench Connector

Once in ApSIC Xbench, you can quickly fix issues in your translation, by choosing Edit Segment, which will open the Memsource Editor right at the segment that is currently selected in ApSIC Xbench.

The connector also can be used as a quick way to see your Memsource projects progress.