The Tools menu has the following menu items.

Some of the menu items appear only when a given tab is active.

  • Spell-Checking Dictionaries. Allows you to download and install the latest dictionaries available.
  • Settings. Lets you configure some settings related with the overall behavior of the
    application. The changes you make here are saved from session to session.
  • Export Items. Allows you to create a tab-delimited text file or a TMX memory with the contents of the current search, the contents of a specific glossary in the project or even all the contents of the ApSIC Xbench project.
  • Export Ongoing Translation to MS Word. Allows you to export to Microsoft Word the files defined as ongoing translation in the Xbench project. Once in Microsoft Word, you can run a spell-checker or grammar checker.
  • Edit Key Terms. Opens the glossary defined as Key Terms in the editor corresponding to its file type. You define the Key Terms glossary in Project->Settings.
  • Xbench Connector for Phrase TMS. Launches an instance of the Xbench Connector for Phrase TMS.
  • See Context. Shows a few segments before and after the currently selected segment.
  • Edit Segment. Edits the file containing the current segment.
  • Add Last Search to Checklist. Creates a Checklist Item with the values used in the last performed Search.
  • Search Templates. Shows a dialog with Checklist Item samples to be used as a template for creating custom ones.