The Tools menu has the following menu items.

Some of the menu items appear only when a given tab is active.

  • Spell-Checking Dictionaries. Allows you to download and install the latest dictionaries available.
  • Settings. Lets you configure some settings related with the overall behavior of the
    application. The changes you make here are saved from session to session.
  • Enable Cloud Settings. Allows you to replicate your Xbench settings in the cloud, so that you have the same settings when you sign in to Xbench with your user from another computer.
  • Export Items. Allows you to create a tab-delimited text file or a TMX memory with the contents of the current search, the contents of a specific glossary in the project or even all the contents of the ApSIC Xbench project.
  • Export Ongoing Translation to MS Word. Allows you to export to Microsoft Word the files defined as ongoing translation in the Xbench project. Once in Microsoft Word, you can run a spell-checker or grammar checker.
  • Edit Key Terms. Opens the glossary defined as Key Terms in the editor corresponding to its file type. You define the Key Terms glossary in Project->Settings.
  • Xbench Connector for Memsource. Launches an instance of the Xbench Connector for Memsource.