Running QA from Explorer

ApSIC Xbench includes a shell extension that allows you to start a QA session right from Windows Explorer. This can be very handy when you want to run a simple QA pass of one or more files or of a directory.

To run QA from Windows Explorer:

  1. In Windows Explorer, select the file or directory that you wish to QA.
  2. Right-click and choose Run QA with Xbench.

These actions will launch ApSIC Xbench with a newly created project that considers on-going translation all files selected with Windows Explorer.

The project is now ready to run a QA pass. If you wish to further customize the ApSIC Xbench project just created, for example to add a Key Terms file, you can do so in Project->Properties.

The project created with Windows Explorer is in your Windows TEMP directory. If you wish to save the ApSIC Xbench project for further reuse, you can choose Project->Save As and give it a new name in a new location on your computer.