When the Internet tab is the active one, the Internet menu has the following menu items:

  • Open Browser. Opens the current default browser with the page currently displayed in the Internet page. It has the Ctrl+B hotkey attached.
  • Go Back. Returns to the previous web page. It has the Alt+Left hotkey attached.
  • Go Forward. Moves to the next page. It has the Alt+Right hotkey attached.
  • Go to URL. Opens a dialog to go to an specific web page from the Internet tab. It has the Ctrl+U hotkey attached.
  • Stop. Stops loading the current page.
  • Refresh. Reloads the current page.
  • Capture URL. Captures the current URL and opens the Capture URL dialog, where the captured information can be edited before being added to the list of URLs in Define Links.
  • Define Links. Opens the dialog where you can define Internet links in ApSIC Xbench. For more information, refer to Settings - Internet.
  • Go to <item>. Opens the predefined URL. ApSIC Xbench can store any number of predefined URLs. The first 10 entries are assigned the Alt+n key combination, where n is a number from 0 to 9. Number 0 corresponds to the 10th entry in the list. ApSIC Xbench also allows accessing these URLs from any Windows application by using the Ctrl+Alt+n key combination. In this latter case, the number n should be pressed in the
    numeric key pad, when the Num Lock is set. See Settings - Internet to learn how to define predefined URLs.

When a tab other than the Internet tab is active, only the Go to <items> menu items are shown.