The Internet tab allows you to send queries to a number of predefined Internet sites. You can define any number of pattern URLs in the Internet tab of the Settings window. To get to this window, select Tools->Properties->Internet. ApSIC Xbench will replace the %s sequence found in the pattern URL with the search text and will submit a query to the Internet.

The first 10 URL defined are automatically assigned the key combination At+n within ApSIC Xbench, where n can be any number from 0 to 9.

The 0 is assigned to the 10th entry of the list.

The URLs beyond 10 do not have a hotkey attached, but can be easily selected with the Website drop-down.

You can also perform a direct search from any Windows application by selecting the text, pressing Ctrl+Insert to copy the text into the clipboard and then pressing Ctrl+Alt+n, where n can be any number from 0 to 9 in the numeric keyboard (the same number assignments that apply for Alt+n within ApSIC Xbench). If Tools->Settings-> Layout & Hotkeys->Open in Default Browser is checked, the default browser will open directly and ApSIC Xbench will not appear at all. This configuration allows using Internet dictionaries directly with one simple keystroke.