Project Properties


The Files tab allows you to define the search hierarchy of the ApSIC Xbench project. The settings defined through this dialog can be saved into the project file (.xbp extension) by using Project->Save As. You can add files into the project by clicking Add, or simply by dragging and dropping a file or directory on the Glossary List and then selecting its type and properties in the window that appears. Files can be removed by clicking the Remove button. »


The Settings tab allows you to define project-specific settings including: Columns in List. This field allows you to override the automatic number of columns calculated by ApSIC Xbench to another number of columns. Auto-Refresh every n Minutes. This field allows you to force a refresh of all glossaries marked as Auto-Refresh in their properties at the specified time interval. If 0 (zero) is specified, no Auto-Refresh is done. Show File Name. »