Export Ongoing Translation to MS Word

This dialog allows you to export the project files defined as ongoing translation to a Microsoft Word document. As exported, only the target text is proofing ready, so you can use the exported document for grammar checking for spell-checking in a language not supported by Xbench, such as Thai, Chinese, or Japanese.

The Filtering section has the following fields:

  • Translated items. Only the items flagged as already translated will be exported. This option can be further filtered to export only the Pretranslated Items or only the Newly Translated Items.
  • Untranslated items. This allows exporting only the untranslated items. This is useful for example to feed a translation machine engine.

You can also remove the repetitions from the exported file to reduce its size by checking the Remove repetitions in exported file check box, or exclude the ICE (In-Context Exact matches) segments by checking the Exclude ICE segments check box.