The menu items shown for the View menu depend on the tab that is currently active. The View menu has the following menu items:

  • Project. Opens the Project tab.
  • Search. Opens the Search tab.
  • Internet. Opens the Internet tab.
  • QA. Opens the QA tab.
  • Project Instructions. Opens the Project Instructions tab.
  • Checklist Manager. Opens the Checklist Manager tab.
  • Show/Hide Toolbar. Shows or hides the toolbar.
  • Show/Hide Search Options. Shows or hides the Search Options pane. These options let you filter further the search results, for example, to indicate if the search must match only whole words or if it must be case-sensitive.
  • Show All Matches. If the search results are in overview mode, shows all matches instead of the most relevant ones.
  • Priority Filter. Allows you to show all priorities or to narrow results to a given priority level.
  • Zoom to. Zooms to the priority level, glossary, file or flag (if a flag has been set to the file) of the entry currently selected on the search results.
  • Change Font. Allows you to change the font of the search or QA results.