Main Window


From this window, you will be able to perform searches in the source text, in the target text, or both. You can also use the Search Options pane (View->Show Search Options) to further refine the search or to filter the segments considered by the search. The search results are shown according to their priority level, as defined in the Project Properties. To find all instances of a certain string in the source or target part of the text, type the string in the Source Term or the Target Term field and press Enter or click Search. »


The QA tab allows you to perform a series of predefined checks on the files defined as ongoing translation. This feature helps you locate the following issues in the translation: Untranslated segments Segments that have the same source text but a different target text Segments that have the same target text but a different source text Segments whose target text is identical to the source text (potentially untranslated text). This option is disabled by default. »


The Internet tab allows you to send queries to a number of predefined Internet sites. You can define any number of pattern URLs in the Internet tab of the Settings window. To get to this window, select Tools->Properties->Internet. ApSIC Xbench will replace the %s sequence found in the pattern URL with the search text and will submit a query to the Internet. The first 10 URL defined are automatically assigned the key combination At+n within ApSIC Xbench, where n can be any number from 0 to 9. »

Project Instructions

This window allows you to specify the instructions that belong to the ApSIC Xbench project, for example, to describe what type of content is found in each level or some other linguistic conventions for the project. If there is text in this window, ApSIC Xbench will show it first each time that the project is loaded. »