The Project menu has the following menu items:

  • New. Creates a new ApSIC Xbench project file. The current project will be closed and an empty project will be created. The Add Files to Project dialog opens automatically.
  • Open. Opens an ApSIC Xbench project file stored on disk. The current project will be closed and the project on disk will be loaded.
  • Reopen. Lists the 9 projects opened most recently. The most recent one can be opened with the Alt+F6 hotkey.
  • Save. Saves the ApSIC Xbench project to disk.
  • Save as. Saves the current ApSIC Xbench project to disk with another name.
  • Switch to Alternative Project. When you have two ApSIC Xbench projects open, allows you to switch between projects if you enabled this feature in Tools->Settings->Miscellaneous. ApSIC Xbench always keeps the last two projects open.
  • Forget Alternative Project. Removes the alternative project from memory.
  • Properties. Opens the Project Properties dialog for the current project and allows you to add files to the project.
  • Reload. Reloads the current project back into memory. This can be useful when you work in a team sharing the project file (with extension .xbp) over a network and one of the members of the team has modified the project settings. This option is different from Project->Refresh Content because it reloads all glossaries, including those defined as Do not reload with Refresh (F5).
  • Refresh Content. Updates all modified files in the current project with the latest information from disk, excluding those defined as Do not reload with Refresh (F5) in the project’s properties.
  • Change User… Allows the user to use another Xbench account.
  • Change Password… Allows the change the password for the Xbench account.
  • Close Window. Closes the current window. Please note that this action does not close the application, it simply hides the window. You can make the window appear again in several ways, but normally with the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Insert.
  • Shut Down Xbench. Removes ApSIC Xbench from memory. After choosing this menu item, the ApSIC Xbench icon disappears from the system tray.