TMX Editor

The TMX Editor tab lets you configure command-line arguments for a TMX editor when using the Edit Segment feature for search results or QA results for a glossary in .tmx format. When properly configured, this allows you to open the file directly at the line from which the segment selected with Edit Segment comes from. If you choose to define a TMX Editor, you need to assign values to the following fields:

  • Path to Executable. This is the path to the .exe file for the TMX editor. You can use the button with the ellipsis () to navigate to the .exe file.
  • Command-line Parameters. This field allows you to construct the command-line that should be passed to the editor. You can use several variables that will be replaced with values by ApSIC Xbench:

    • $Filename: The file name, including its path of the file.
    • $Line: The line number of the segment in the TMX file. This line refers to where the target text is located.
    • $Column: The column in the line where the target text is located.
    • $Segment: The segment number in the TMX file.

    For example, to configure OKAPI Olifant for segment positioning, you must select there the Olifant executable and specify the following in Command-Line Parameters: $Filename row=$Segment col=trg edit=yes.

    Other TMX editors might have different values for this field. Please check your TMX editor documentation for the suitable values.