The Properties tab allows you to define the properties that are common to all glossaries selected in the previous tab. If you need that glossaries have different values, simply select some values in this step and when you are returned to the Project Properties dialog, adjust the settings for each glossary clicking the Properties button.

The Properties tab has these fields:

  • Priority. It can be defined as Low, Medium, or High.
  • Mnemonic Processing. If your glossary contains software strings, it is very common that it contains special characters. You can specify here that the hotkey character is removed from the string in order to improve the search. For example, if your software strings contain Cu&t as the source text, by choosing the Remove shortcuts (&) option for this field you will be able to search for Cut, instead of having to search for Cu&t.
  • Flag. If you select an icon in this field, this icon will be shown next to search results for this file.
  • Remove duplicates. If you check this box, ApSIC Xbench will consolidate all identical source+target entries in a given file in the search results, indicating the number of entries consolidated under the # column.
  • Do not reload with Refresh (F5). If you check this box, ApSIC Xbench will consider the bilingual corpus as static, and it will not try to reload it from disk if you press F5 or select Project->Refresh Content.
  • Ongoing translation. If you check this box, you are telling ApSIC Xbench that the bilingual corpus is an ongoing translation (i.e. the translation you are working on). ApSIC Xbench displays some additional useful information for a corpus defined as ongoing translation. For example, Xbench flags with a red dot those translations that are new (i.e. are not 100% matches) and also shows the untranslated segments. Also, files defined as ongoing translation are elegible for the QA features.
  • Swap Source and Target. With this option you can reverse the source and target roles.
  • Key Terms. If you check this box, the units that match a search criteria will appear with a star.
  • Auto-Refresh: If you check this box, this glossary will be added to the pool of project glossaries that are refreshed automatically with the time interval specified in Project->Properties->Settings.
  • Comments. You can add comments in the Comments field. These comments appear as a hover help when you put the mouse cursor over an entry in the Project Properties dialog.

Once you have set the properties, depending on the file type click Next or OK.