The Files tab allows you to define the search hierarchy of the ApSIC Xbench project. The settings defined through this dialog can be saved into the project file (.xbp extension) by using Project->Save As.

You can add files into the project by clicking Add, or simply by dragging and dropping a file or directory on the Glossary List and then selecting its type and properties in the window that appears. Files can be removed by clicking the Remove button.

You can increase or decrease the priority of a glossary by clicking on the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons that appear on the lower part of the window. You can also change the order of files within a priority level by clicking on the arrow buttons below the priority buttons.

You can also change any settings of a glossary by choosing the glossary and clicking the Properties button.

The entries of this list that appear in bold face are glossaries defined as ongoing translation. Glossaries defined as ongoing translation are shown with a red dot in the search results. Also, the QA function only consider files marked as ongoing translation.

This dialog allows you set a few common glossary properties for one or more items without having to click the Properties button for each item. To do so, simply chose one or more glossaries and then select the Key Terms, Ongoing Translation, Remove Duplicates, Swap Languages, and Auto-Refresh check boxes.