The Checklist menu only appears when the Checklist Manager is the active tab.

The Checklist menu has the following items:

New. Creates a new checklist under Personal Checklists or Project Checklists.

Add. Adds an existing checklist under Personal Checklists or Project Checklists.

Save as. Saves the selected checklist using another name.

Rename. Renames the selected checklist.

Remove. Removes the selected checklist for the personal or project checklists. It does not delete the checklist from disk.

Checklist item. Submenu for managing items in a checklist:

  • New. Creates a new Checklist Item.
  • Edit. Lets the user edit the selected Checklist Item.
  • Test. Runs the selected Checklist Item.
  • Override. Overrides a Checklist Item from a parent Checklist.
  • Disable. Disables the selected Checklist Item.
  • Copy. Copies the selected Checklist Item into the clipboard.
  • Paste. Pastes a Checklist Item from the clipboard.
  • Delete. Deletes the selected Checklist Item.